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About Us

Where the fun begins!!!

Dancing DJ'S founder Robert Faias launched the company in 1985 and quickly changed the face of entertainment. Longtime entertainment professional Ken Vesey took over the company in 2009, and made a commitment to take the company into the next century.

In 2015 the torch was passed to Terrence Keene. Already established in the DJ business, it was time to take Dancing DJ'S to the next level.  With a new vision from old values. The client and their guests are priority number one. We make sure every event is unforgettable through preparation and hard work. We will work with you every step of the way to create that ultimate event. 

From Big Band to Merengue, from Sinatra to Hip-Hop, watch us make it all come together. Dancing DJ'S "Where the fun begins!!!". With many years of experience, we are focused on ensuring that your event is memorable and full of entertainment.

Our Mission

Dancing DJ'S "Where the fun begins!!!", our business is partying.  But our mission is much more.  It’s our goal is to create the events that create real memories for you and the people you care about.  To help you celebrate those key turning points in your life, in your family’s life, in your career, and in your community. 

To achieve this goal we provide our entertainers with state of the art professional DJ gear and the most watertight support in the industry.  Paired with our team of seasoned professionals who love what they do, your event is sure to be spectacular and unforgettable.

The Interactive Experience

What does it mean when we say that Dancing DJ'S is an interactive DJ company?   First and foremost, it means we go far beyond simply playing the music at your event.  Instead, we work the whole time to make sure that every single guest has an amazing time.

It means that we’re there through the entire planning process. Working side-by-side with you to create an event that is custom-fit to your needs.  We have tons of options for your entertainment experience—from our diverse team of party experts, to our enormous library of songs, to our perfect party extras.