The Perfect Extras

Where The Fun Begins!!!

We’ve got just about every party extra you could possibly imagine—from casino tables, to fun giveaways, Gobo & light packages. 

Planning something huge?  Bump up your party with additional audio and lighting packages, Party Host / MC and even a second DJ.

Our Most Popular

Party Host / MC $200
Add more excitement to your event with our party host/ motivator. They will politely encourage your guests to participate in the popular party dances and skillfully make all the special announcements & dedications.

Assistant DJ $150
An assistant DJ to help with larger parties.

Mini Setup $250
A smaller sound system designed for a second location. Pre-programmed music without a DJ $150.

Gobo Lighting (Monogram Effect) $100
Have your special event information shine on the ceiling, on a wall or on the dance floor .

Giveaways will multiply the fun and excitement. (Inflatable instruments, hats, leis, sunglasses and more). Our giveaways are available in three different quantities.
Option One $75: 50 pieces
Option Two $125: 100 pieces
Option Three $200: 200 pieces

Glow sticks $75
50 glow sticks that will light up the excitement.

Dance Lights
Option One $100: Two L.E.D. lights choreographed to your music.
Option Two $175: Two L.E.D. lights and two laser lights choreographed to your music.
Option Three $395: Eight piece L.E.D, Laser & mushroom colored lights combo choreographed to your music. Also included are two strobe lights and a fog machine on a light truss system.

Ambient Lighting $50 per light
Uplighting provides a variety of options to enhance your venue. L.E.D.’s can be programmed to a specific color, fade through colors, be sound activated or completely controlled by your lighting technician. They can shine up walls or columns and accent architectural elements and adds a new dimension to your event


Smoke Machine $75 Fill up the room with smoke! Great for special effects.

Exciting Extras!

Casino Games [For Pricing click on link]
Choose from many of the popular casino games: Texas Hold ‘em, Craps, BlackJack, Poker, Roulette and Slots. All games come with a table and dealer.

Temporary Tattoos $300 for 2 hours
Choose a design from over 100 different styles and you’ll get a temporary tattoo almost anywhere. All our tattoos are done by hand and are in watercolor marker that can be washed off at any time.

Face Painting $300 for 2 hours
Ideal fun for kids of all ages.

Magicians $475 per hour
Magicians adds excitement that entertains as well as mystifies audiences of all ages.

Photo Novelties!

Themed Backdrop [Call for Pricing]
If you’ve ever been to an event with a Themed backdrop you already know the answer. Themed backdrops are the best entertainment and are so much fun. Have your guest take their own photos in front of a themed backdrop. Capture the moment by getting your props, some friends and flash away. Share your moments on your favorite social media sites. Candid pictures with a Themed backdrop is endless fun for all.

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